Over 40 Years Experience

Morry, the founder and owner of Endless Doves, has been caring for doves for over 40 years.

With Italian parents, the popular European hobby of racing homing pigeons was in his blood.  From an early age, he has looked after, breed, trained and raced doves and homing pigeons.

He is an active member of the local homing racing pigeon community, having held the positions of both President and Treasurer of his local homing pigeon club many times over the years.  He is well respected and his advice is often sought on the care, breeding and keeping of doves.

Our Loft

Our loft is located in the semi rural township of Lara, 50 minutes from Melbourne CBD and 20 minutes from Geelong.

Our location enables our doves to easily fly home from release points throughout Melbourne, Geelong, the Surf Coast and the Ballarat regions.

Our doves live in a loft that is a modern design, is well ventilated and has passive solar features to maintain a comfortable temperature.  The loft is 9 meters long and 2.5 meters wide.  The loft has six sections to give birds that are nesting and youngsters their own space.

Our Doves

Our doves are important to us and we take good care of them.  They always have a clean, comfortable loft, are regularly inoculated and have appropriate veterinary care.

We keep detailed flight and training records so we make sure we only send doves that are easily capable for flying the distance between the release point and home.  We also make sure each dove is well rested and has a suitable recovery period between flights.


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