Funerals - Dove release, a symbol of eternal peace


The release of doves, a symbol of eternal peace, is a beautiful and fitting way to commemorate the loss of a loved one.

Our Memories Package includes:
- a single white dove.  
- a beautiful white basket decorated appropriately. Simply lift the lid of the basket to release the dove
- transport to the funeral director.
- your choice from a selection of appropriate poems explaining the significance of the dove release, if you wish.  The poem can be read by the person of your choosing, generally the priest, celebrant or a family member.
- An Endless Dove consultant liaising with your funeral director to ensure the dove release is integrated into the ceremony. 

Cost depends upon travel and ceremony time.  Please email or call us for a quote.

A flock of doves - You may wish to release additional doves, for instance to enable each close family member to participate in the symbolic “letting go” of a dove. Additional doves are available for $10 each. 

Hand releases are also available.  An appropriately dressed Endless Dove consultant will be on hand to assist you. The cost of a hand release depends upon travel and ceremony time.  If you opt to have 6 or more doves, additional charges may not apply. Call or email for a fixed price quotation or ask your funeral director to enquire on your behalf.
Funeral Directors - We have worked with many funeral directors. In this distressing time, it may be easier for you to ask your funeral director to deal directly with us, on your behalf, to make all the arrangements. Ask your funeral director to call us on 0414 614 507.


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