Weddings - celebrate your love with doves

Our white doves are a perfect addition to your wedding.

Your guests will gaze up with wonder as our doves fly high into the sky. Doves are a unique and symbolic way to celebrate your love.

Our Love Bird Package starts from as little as $250*, which includes:

- Ornamental display doves - A beautiful white bird cage with a pair of ornamental display doves to greet your guest, entertain guests prior to the bride arriving and to add to the atmosphere during the ceremony.

- Two release doves - A pair of pure white doves for release.  Each additional release dove costs $10.  A popular choice is have each member of your bridal party release a dove.

- Release assistance – An appropriately dressed Endless Dove consultant will help you to release the doves. You may choose to simply lift the basket lid to release the doves, or if you prefer, you may hand release the doves. For hand releases we supply linen napkins, wipes and clear antibacterial hand wash.

- Release basket – choose from a large selection of lovely release baskets, if you select a basket release. 

- Beautiful poems - Your choice from a selection of beautiful poems explaining the significance of the dove release. The poem can be read by the person of your choosing, generally the priest, celebrant, member of your bridal party or a family member.

- Tame doves for photos – Our tame ornamental display doves are available for photos for up to 20 minutes after the ceremony. They are so tame they will sit on your hand.

- Transport - Our doves will be transported to the venue*.

A Flock Of Doves
A flock of doves is an impressive and memorable sight. Each member of your bridal party can release a dove, to show their blessing and support. Releasing multiple doves can also represent a loved one that can not be present, for instance a grandparent who has passed away. Additional doves cost just $10 each.

* Our loft is located in the rural township of Lara, between Melbourne and Geelong.  Our $250 package includes transport to venues anywhere within the area spanning from inner city Melbourne to Geelong and within 20km beyond central Geelong (eg St. Kilda, Melbourne CBD, Williamstown, Werribee, Geelong, Grovedale, Torquay).  If your venue is outside of that area, additional reasonable transportation costs may be incurred, depending upon travel and ceremony time.  If you opt to have 6 or more doves, this charge may not apply. Call or email for a fixed price quotation.

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