FAQ's of dove releases

Q.  What happens after the doves are released?
A.  The doves will circle above the release point a few times, to get their bearings.  This is a beautiful and elegant display of their grace in flight.

They then head for home.  Depending upon wind direction, weather conditions and distance, they can fly just over 100 kilometres per hour, for many hours.  Our birds wear electronic rings, so we are alerted when they return to their loft.

Once they arrive home, they are feed, watered and have a quick medical check.  They can then rest and have a soak in a bath.

We keep detailed flight and training records so we make sure we only send doves that are easily capable for flying the distance between the release point and home.  We also make each dove is well rested and has a suitable recovery period between flights.

Q.  Can bad weather prevent the doves being released?
A.  Yes.  Our doves are important to us and we take good care of them.  We will not release our doves if:

• it is raining, or highly likely to rain before they can fly home
• it is too windy, or likely to become so before they can fly home
• hotter than 32 degrees Celsius.  This may vary if the doves need to fly a long distance home

If this happens, we will refund your deposit and of course will not charge you the balance of your invoice.

Q.  Do you have any time restrictions on when the doves are released?
A.  The doves need to be safely home before sunset.  We will advise you of the latest release time if you are planning a late afternoon release. 

Q.  Will a dove poop on me?
A.  Not in our experience.  Unlike some other birds, but like many men, doves can't do two things at once ;).  So if they are flying they can't poop on you or your guests.  

We time the feeding of your doves so that it's unlikely they will need to go when they are waiting to be released.  If they do, we will clean the doves, baskets and cages. We also always have wipes and clear antibacterial hand wash with us.


Q.  Do I have to hold a dove?

A.  Not if you don't want to.  Our appropriately dressed Endless Dove consultant will happily handle the doves.  If you'd like to you can hold and release our doves.  The doves are also happy to pose and smile for the camera! Our consultant will always be on hand to assist you.

If you do hold the doves we always carry wipes and clear antibacterial hand wash with us.


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